Recognition & Incentive Programs

We deliver engagement and performance programs to ignite sales, channel partners, employees, donors and volunteers that are meaningful and wildly creative.

Whether you are trying to create change, drive behavior, or build a stronger culture – our priority is to ignite their experience and build connections that are authentic and inspiring. Our data-driven design process is built to attract audiences with attention-grabbing offerings while providing clarity around the desired performance metrics.

With an online catalog that’s built to entice every age and lifestyle, your custom collection can include merchandise, virtual rewards, gift cards, event tickets, experiences, travel, and even a charitable giving component.

As an extension of your employer brand, your storefront is completely customizable to your look and feel to align with your desired team experience.

With a variety of rewards for every preference, service in over 195 countries, across 38 languages, with 98% of selections delivered within 3 business days;  Summit’s Reward and Recognition platform are all you need.  Ask the team to tell you about its comprehensive reporting and the power of its integrated AI personalization to increase redemptions.

Recognition Programs that Drive Performance

  • Wellstar Health’s Vital Valentines

    In time for the big day, these custom packaged treats were delivered to over 500 locations, complete with tent cards to drive the message home, "a Vital Valentine... our team members are the heart of what we do."
  • Dweck’s Glad You’re Here

    In collaboration with Dweck’s Marketing & HR team, Summit dialed up our creativity to breathe life into their new brand in these onboarding kits.
  • Good Friends with Goodyear

    Like many organizations, at Summit, we are always searching for unique ways to continuously keep our clients engaged and excited to work with our team.
  • Octo’s Creative E-Shop

    Octo was looking for a way to engage their team in their upcoming apparel project. Our pop-up shop combined with their team's design options made for a winning combination.
  • Wellness & Appreciation at Wellstar Health

    Enabling the public to recognize and spotlight the team at Wellstar Health is a winning formula for this organization - read more...
  • Allstate snuggles in

    Allstate snuggles into communities as other organizations stood still, enabling and recognizing their agents for bringing warmth and humanity to their hometowns & creating connections in a lonely time.
  • Driving Sales – Apple Leisure Group

    How do you rally a disconnected sales group across various brands into one sales incentive program? Just ask us, we know how.

Ask us about our design process and communications planning to ensure our recognition and incentive programs aren’t just built but grab hold of their intended audience to drive performance.