E-Stores, Pop-Ups, & Virtual Engagement

Some campaigns and programs are more involved, requiring additional online support by way of data collection, kitting, distribution services, as well as insights into performance. Our in-house team makes it easy to get your online store up and operational. They work to select, design, and enhance your solution to enable you to reach (and if all goes well, exceed, your targets.

Whether it's a long-term online shop, or a temporary pop-up shop for a more temporary campaign, and the many options in between; Summit has the vision and drive to create what's needed


Use real-time data to plan for your online store.  Summit’s Online stores provide valuable  insights into online inventory, control who, and what is available to which groups, along with when and how purchases are made.    Our e-stores enable you to manage the complete brand experience from the look, the language, the gift selection, and quality, to the kitting, packaging, and distribution (even the quirky, or not so quirky comments on the inserts with your shipments).

Our online shops allow for built-in business rules that allow your organization to manage the spend all while ensuring brand integrity based on your site’s analytics to measure online engagement, along with spending, and procurement patterns.

Included with the design and build of our online stores is a comprehensive launch and communications plan, as well as ongoing performance reviews to ensure we can adapt your store for the needs of your organization. Refreshing the site and optimizing inventory around trends to ensure your shop is ahead of the trend.

Pop-Up Shops

Take advantage of a quick pop-up shop to engage with your recipients online. Our Pop-Up shops allow you to leverage our online tech platforms for a quick and easy launch. Complete with secure data collection of your recipient's latest ship-to address, and access to our kitting and distribution teams - all without ever leaving your home.

Whether you choose to give your recipients the option to select from a collection of gifts or pick their size or preferred color, our Pop-Up shops can be deployed within a day of gift selection.

So whether you are welcoming someone new, recognizing your team, trying to stay in front of your clients, our Pop-up shops create efficiency in simply and quickly bringing your campaign to life.

Need something a little more robust? Check out our Pop-up shop's, better-looking big brother, our E-store.

Virtual Engagement

Need to create some “wow” in our remote engagement efforts?  Our virtual engagement tool gamifies remote audiences; awarding prizes and gathering remote mailing addresses all at the same time.

Whether you send a link by email, ask them to text to play during an event, or imprint a QR code in your outreach, our Virtual Engagement tool is a flexible but sure winner in today’s climate.

Our Virtual Engagement tool isn’t just another pretty face, check out the Engagement Dashboard for performance metrics and redemption insights. With so many ways to play, our Virtual Engagement tool ensures everyone comes out a winner.

Shops That Really Pop

  • Appreciate The Individual

    Nothing says “I appreciate you” more than a thoughtful gift tailored to the individual person. With Summit's customized gifting and kitting experience, your gratitude will resonate with the people who matter to you.
  • Rebranding American Clean Power

    When the American Clean Power Association underwent a rebrand, they came to Summit's team of creative experts to develop both an outreach campaign and a "clean" line of merchandise to reflect the new way forward.

  • Online with Jack Daniel’s

    An online store that supports 'man caves', belt buckles, ball caps and so much more. Supporting Jack Daniel's target audiences, online, in-person and in-store.
    JD Viewport
  • Allstate Wins with Virtual Event Gaming

    "The number of people joining in virtually was AWESOME! I’ve had so many people asking me about the swag and game feature! I am passing your info out all over Allstate!" - Client Feedback
    virtual engagement gaming
  • Employee Onboarding Kits

    In collaboration with Dweck’s Marketing & HR team, Summit dialed up our creativity to breathe life into their new brand in these onboarding kits.
    employee onboarding kit
  • Octo’s Creative E-Shop

    Octo was looking for a way to engage their team in their upcoming apparel project. Our pop-up shop combined with their team's design options made for a winning combination.
    Pop-Up Shop
  • Wellness & Appreciation at Wellstar Health

    Enabling the public to recognize and spotlight the team at Wellstar Health is a winning formula for this organization.
    corporate gift ideas
  • Allstate snuggles in

    Allstate snuggles into communities as other organizations stood still, enabling and recognizing their agents for bringing warmth and humanity to their hometowns & creating connections in a lonely time.
  • Driving Sales – Apple Leisure Group

    How do you rally a disconnected sales group across various brands into one sales incentive program? Just ask us, we know how.
  • Milestones with United

    Just what do you do to recognize a diverse crew of long serving team members globally? See how United's recognition program took flight...
  • Barilla Brand Platform

    Barilla came to us looking for a one-stop e-commerce solution after their current platform was outdated, cumbersome, and lacked true brand identity.
  • Community Engagement for MS

    Needing to engage with fundraisers creatively and with personal communication, together we designed, created, and fulfilled 12,000 mailings sent to constituents to build engagement...

Whether you are evaluating a new partner for your existing integrated online solution, or simply starting to explore how online engagement might benefit your organization, we’ve got all the pieces to help you evaluate what’s right for your organization.