We are a human engagement company

We create engagement tools that strengthen vital relationships.
No matter where your team, clients, volunteer or donors have wandered to…
Our consciously curated gift kits,  wildly creative recognition programs, thoughtful welcome back gifts, engaging online shops, or mesmerizing virtual games are all you need to connect with those who drive your organization.

Recognition & Incentive Programs

We deliver engagement and performance programs to ignite sales, channel partners, employees, donors and volunteers that are meaningful and wildly creative.

Whether you are trying to create change, drive behavior, or build a stronger culture – our priority is to ignite their experience and build connections that are authentic and inspiring. Our data-driven design process is built to attract audiences with attention-grabbing offerings while providing clarity around the desired performance metrics.

Branded Merchandise & Gifting

We create beautiful on-brand gifts that help organizations live their brand. The pieces we develop are used by marketing and sales teams to generate leads, build awareness, and strengthen business relationships; by HR teams to deliver engaging onboarding experiences, incentivize and reward performance, and by non-profit organizations to engage donors and volunteers, and drive participation and fundraising activities.

Whether your priority is creativity, quality, speed, accountability, or having access to the coming trends and up and coming brands, Summit brings all the pieces together.

Online Engagement

Some campaigns and programs are more involved and require an online tool to facilitate data collection, distribution and performance metrics. Our in-house developers make it easy to design the right tool to reach your objectives, no matter whether it’s a long-term online shop, e-commerce portal, or something temporary for a single campaign.

Maybe you just need a little help getting their attention. Our virtual engagement tool gamifies remote audiences; awarding prizes and gathering remote mailing addresses.  Our team is here to design and launch the right suite of services to enable you to live your brand. Our online engagement solutions are built to provide visibility into campaign metrics, product popularity and overall adoption.

Whether you are evaluating a new partner for your existing integrated online solution, or simply starting to explore how online engagement might benefit your organization, we’ve got all the pieces to help you evaluate what’s right for your organization.

Creative Marketing Services

Our team of creative and edgy innovators works to cut through the noise and distraction with impactful visuals and engaging content across all mediums to ensure your message is clearly communicated, and most importantly, received.
Whether it's about strategy or execution in the areas of social media, search, direct mail, events, digital, or print - or designing a campaign that combines these elements - Summit's team has the skills and experience to ensure you get noticed.

Global Distribution & Logistics

With employees, customers and donors spread around the world, our centrally-located fulfillment center equips our clients with the resources and space that is required today to take on audience outreach campaigns with attentive kitting and assembly, the room to hold inventory and the experience in logistics to efficiently move shipments across the US and around the world.

Ask your Account Manager how our creative engine can get your organization’s motor revving