Incentives Boosted Business in 2020

Incentives Program Boosted Business in 2020

As 2020 continued to become an unpredictable business landscape, a medical device company needed to motivate and drive seasoned pharmaceutical sales reps to exceed their quarterly, multi-million-dollar sales quota — and fast. With just one week to launch the program, our solution provided a branded rewards site, a rewards catalog with high-end branded merchandise and travel options, and a communication strategy that helped the company’s sales team break down a significant quota into attainable weekly goals.

We wanted to make it easy for the employees to log in, yet with a seven-day timeline there was not enough time to develop a single sign-on (SSO) option. Instead, we generated simple login credentials for the reps to access the platform any time. We also designed a creative, brand-compliant program theme that was used for all communication and content around the rewards program, including the redemption site that showcased the company’s sales rep leaderboard at login.

Each week, the top five sales reps were announced with our targeted campaign. Reward points were distributed into their accounts to redeem for awards of their choosing or to save and accumulate for awards on their wish list. To help increase motivation, luxury rewards were available at strategic levels.

In addition to the successful feeling of achievement, the incentive program provided rewards that took the excitement of sales to the next level. Summit helped the medical device company maintain their sales numbers and motivated the team during a time when external changes that came quickly and sometimes unpredictably added a pressure dynamic that the business was able to overcome.

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