Spark Something with Summit

We held Summit Live, a fast-paced, engaging, online event to showcase the wide variety of human engagement tools we offer to help you conquer the peak of human engagement; stay connected and engaged with the people who matter to you.

Throughout the event, our guest speakers shared recent projects around virtual engagement gaming, e-gifts, pop-up shops and, of course, we ran our own virtual event shop inviting our own attendees to personalize their special gift kit.

We offered a fleece full-zip hoodie, branded with our “Spark Something” messaging where they would choose their preferred size and we could easily get their best ship-to address. To their surprise not only would they receive the cozy hoodie but also a fun and engaging print on our custom reusable mask, antibacterial pen, a sticky note cube, a journal, a power bank, and a pair of thermal tumblers, a cutting board, and a denim apron - everything we need to celebrate and stay-in.

Our fulfillment team creatively kitted, to reflect retail packaging, along with a thank you card inside. Our sales team received plenty of positive feedback from clients asking about the products, how the surprise gifts brought a smile to their faces.

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