Building Brand Ambassadors with an Employee Rewards Program That Drives Results

TA Services, a logistics and trucking company, is a rapidly expanding company with locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Amidst the company's growth, TA Services wanted to incent and recognize their employees, but the existing process was left up to the discretion of individual departments and managers.

The program was disjointed, which lent to disparity and inconsistency in how employees were recognized for their achievements. With more than a dozen locations and new employees onboarding frequently, there was a great need for a company-wide platform that established a standard for the way employees were recognized and importantly, connecting the recognition to TA Service’s core values. They also needed consistent criteria across all departments, personalized communication, reminder emails for managers, easier global reward delivery and access to better reporting. TA Services needed to find a more efficient and effective way to recognize employees for their valuable contributions that ultimately enabled the company's growth.

Summit was able to customize their technology platform to accommodate multiple end-user groups – from warehouse workers to corporate – and create a bi-lingual site in English and Spanish that allowed all office locations across North America to connect. The program was branded Go the Extra Mile (GEM) and TA Services executed their recognition program launch in two phases.

In Phase I, TA Services introduced the Go the Extra Mile program to recognize employees on their anniversaries, as well as those who were awarded Employee of the Month. The program is centralized so the company can see all the rewards activity in one place. Best of all, the program is scalable, which was critical for the rate of growth that TA Services was experiencing.

Phase II saw the launch of TA Service's manager-to-peer recognition program, using Summit's own Sierra technology to automate, personalize and control the activities around recognition. Managers receive a specific budget of points based on the size of their team, which they can use to award team members and recognize those who go above and beyond their daily duties. Employees can redeem the points from TA’s online rewards catalog that includes thousands of reward choices, including TA custom swag, top brand retail items, sporting and concert events, and travel. Summit provides TA Services with a platform for global connection to drive employee engagement and performance results.

With Summit, TA Services now has a more consistent and automated tool to provide a variety of employee incentive programs to its growing team. From anniversary recognition to manager-to-peer awards to sales contests and more, Summit's Sierra platform is scalable and customizable to work with the company's growth. The employees have an easy way to interact with the platform and are given visibility into their own activities, performance, and points goals. The main page features a social-style feed with the ability to congratulate reward recipients – helping employees feel connected and engaged. The technology provides an easy way to earn points across multiple programs and the online store allows employees to redeem meaningful rewards delivered right to their door!

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