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June 26, 2020
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July 9, 2020

A Sweet Surprise

A gift becomes that much more special when it shows thoughtfulnessWhether it’s for a colleague or a client, the goal is to create a lasting connection and reflects the tone you are looking to set 

When searching for gifts it’s important to consider the following; 

  • Make sure it’s one that you’d love to give and love to receive 
  • Think retail looking pieces that you’d find in your favorite stores. We all love to be hip to the latest and greatest so why not go that route when gifting to the people that matter to you. It’s a positive way to engage with them and it can help strengthen your relationships as well as build morale. 

These gifts can range from thank you notes to anything that connects to their personal likes and interests. It goes to show them you took extra time to consider them.   

If fun and flirty is the tone you are looking to set with your gifts; maybe in a gift kit saying “It’s been a while” or “Welcome Aboard”, these fun food gifts are something to consider.   Food, specifically sweets, is a one of the best ways to show someone you care.  How does the saying go? The way to a persons heart is through their stomach?


When you think about candy your mind probably doesn’t wander into fashion, art and pop culture Dylan’s Candy Bar found a way to challenge that belief These retail shops include state-of-the-art décor and variety over 7,000 candies deep from all around the world.  Dylan’s Candy Bar isn’t your average “candy store.”  

With bright colors and playful spirit, they’ve created innovative flavors attracting people of all ages and bringing them back to their youth.   

Not only do they provide candy-by-color in all their collections, but they now offer a corporate gifting line to help you leave a sweet surprise for the important people in your business life.  

At Summit, we work to Incorporatquality, on-trend gifts in our projects.  Dylan’s Candy Bar offers more than just a sweet treat but a way to engage in a fun and flavorful manner

Browse through their latest collection –








All Picture Credits: Dylan’s Candy Bar

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