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October 18, 2021
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June 1, 2022

Over the last two years, the United States workforce has seen the biggest shift in modern history. Many employees made a job change or even a career jump in the last two years that left industries imbalanced, and to some, surprised. Now equipped with experience and hindsight, companies are more prepared and have a clearer path forward. Whether your organization was effected a lot or even a little by these changes, the fact remains that you have the power not only to retain your employees, but you can increase their engagement in your organization and even attract incredible new talent — without compromising the goals of your company or your people.

Here are the top 3 ways to strengthen the brand and culture of your organization and help your employees find fulfillment and invest in or renew their commitment to your company, with the help of Summit’s Sierra technology .


  1. Fund your people and programs

Investing in your people is an investment in your company. It can cost almost as much to replace a disengaged employee as it does their annual salary, according to an HR manager at ResumeLab. It’s worth keeping valuable employees in your company through programming that can increase engagement. A study from Aon Hewit found that engaged teams were more likely to reach their sales goals: for every 1% increase in engagement, teams could expect to see an additional 0.6% increase in new business. To put a bigger number on it, even if there’s a 50% increase in engagement, new business for a sales organization could see a 30% increase!

  1. Recognize your people

Burnout is real, and it isn’t just because someone is burning the midnight oil. A study by Gallup concluded that employers who focus on strengths decrease the likelihood of an employee becoming disengaged from work. On the flip side, being ignored does more harm to a person than does negative criticism. Recognize your employees not only for their output, but for their dedication to your organization. Appreciation and recognition can go a long way in demonstrating to your employees just how much they are valued. But don’t just tell them — show them! Summit’s Sierra technology helps you create a system for your organization that puts your words for affirmation into action.

  1. Reward your people

Engaged employees are the best employees: The care they put into their work shows loyalty to your company — and to themselves! They show up to work as their best selves and infuse consistency in their performance. In a study of 50,000 employees worldwide, the Corporate Leadership Council found that highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave the organization, and that engaged companies grow profits as much as 3 times faster than their competitors.

Recognizing the work your employees do, keeping them engaged, and rewarding them not only is proven to strengthen your company’s brand and culture, but it can also improve your sales goals and attract new talent to your company. Our Sierra technology provides valuable insight into performance through metrics for engagement, activity, and rewards — and the agile platform features and a world-class rewards catalog!

Summit is a people engagement company. We move the hearts and minds of the people who matter to you. We drive growth and results through recognition & incentives programs, creative marketing services, and branded merchandise solutions. Our goal is to build stronger brands, create richer lives, and live in a better world.


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