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June 10, 2020
A Sweet Surprise
July 2, 2020

Keeping it Clean

While countries, counties and US states are slowly opening up to our new normal, the importance of capturing business and therefore building consumer and employee confidence is at the top of everyone’s agenda.  

In general, we have become aware of germ transmission more so than before,  driving demand for items that keep us safe, while not adding more for us to tote around.  We want functional things that serve more than one purpose these days – sunglasses that are speakers, screen wipes that also kill germs, bags that are also battery packs…  

Back in March, we were preoccupied with getting our hands on masks, sanitizer, and even simple things like toilet paper. Fast forward to June, it’s become more apparent that the need for these products in our everyday lives may be here for a while. 

We find ourselves yearning to make it feel and look as normal as possible so as not remind us of what’s at stake. From the early days of blue surgical masks, now brands are coming out with reusable masks with different material, color and patterns so that this new ‘accessory’ doesn’t feel like such an interruption to our daily lives.

Custom designed mask


Like masks, there’s plenty of products that weren’t in our homes pre COVID-19. Let’s be honest, how many people were really interested in having a phone sanitizer at the beginning of the year? Now, it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea! Internet shopping has gone from travel, swimsuits and cameras to DIY repairs, alcohol and personal hygiene with people searching for ways to stay sane and healthy.


Phone sanitizer

Like this phone sanitizer, it’s two in one: it charges your phone while sanitizing it – have you read the stats of the germs your phone collects?  

At Summit, we are working with clients to find ways to build consumer and employee confidence as we move forward, not only branded and reusable masks, sanitizer and all those things you see everywhere, but in the creative communications and kitting we build around such, but also in our sourcing of more unique and engaging methods.   



Virtual Event Gamification for your attendees

We have online tools that allow you to incent participation in your online events, let people select their own gifts on our online pop-up shops, or better yet, gamify their online experiences with your brand.  


So yes, while we can secure masks, sanitizers, touch tools, and the requisite social distancing signage – our team specializes in leveraging gifts and rewards to build engaging connections; using intelligent messaging, creative packaging, and useful online tools to ensure your team members realize just how thoughtful you are – even if it is our automatic reminder that reminds you 😉 

After all, it’s not about as much about the gifts but about how the gifts make them feel. At Summit, we are to build stronger brands, richer lives and a better world.  Let us help you have fun and move forward in this ‘new normal’.  

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