Appreciate The Individual

Gifts that show appreciation and gratitude don’t have to be one-size-fits-all. Nothing says “I appreciate you” more than giving someone a thoughtful gift tailored to their individuality. When a software company wanted to thank presenters at one of their virtual events, they selected gifts specifically with each person in mind, to show how much their contributions were valued. The company called on Summit to customize three different kit options to send as thank-you gifts to their presenters, panelists, and speakers.

Through the client’s hosted e-commerce site, we added a password-protected area where the events team can select and send the gift kit that’s just right for each individual. Ready to ship, the kits were pre-packed by Summit’s fabulous fulfillment and are stored in our warehouse until they are sent on an as-needed basis.

There are so many ways to show gratitude. From designing your kit to building it to holding your inventory, Summit’s timely fulfillment for a customized gift experience will undoubtedly give your gratitude resonance with your recipients.

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