Trend Report Ep. 6: Craving A Better World
August 16, 2021
Why Branded Merch Matters
October 18, 2021

Life is Good at Summit

Every day we get to wake up and actively make a choice. We can either focus on the pros or the cons in our lives. In a utopia, we’d probably be able to completely avoid any negativityAt Summit, we are strong believers on focusing on the positive and believe in the saying “Life is Good” so when looking for what we can do to help spread the message – this alliance was just the thing.  

Life is Good’s mission is simplto spread optimismIn 1994, brothers Bert and John Jacobs designed and created their first Life is Good t-shirt. After all these years, they make it their priority to put peoples wants and needs first. Whether it’s hanging out with friends, loving on their family, enjoying the great outdoors, or going on a road trip – they are in the business of celebrating these things together. They’ve received an abundance of positive feedback on how they’ve helped people get through the hardest struggles in life. In 2010, they even started the Life is Good Kids Foundation where 10% of their net profit, no matter the product, is donated to kids in need. Learn more about this thoughtful community here.


This is a company that understands the deeper meaning of their brand. We share a similar belief in that our businesses thrive off smiles, happiness, and gratitude. With over 50 years of experience at Summit, we know that it’s not actually about the product at all.  We all have those keepsakes that hold onto memories for us. Life is Good gets it too.  

By serving our engaged community, our valued team is enabled and empowered to live their lives more richly. Let’s work together and help Life is Good live their brand all while helping you live yours as well. Ask us how you can include a Life Is Good piece in your next project & spread the positive vibes!

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