Summit is a human engagement company – bringing together a unique range of offerings to solve for today’s challenges.


We bring brands to new heights with our elevated approach, enabling our clients to live their brand as they strive to connect and engage with the people who matter to them.

Some of our Favorite Projects

  • JD Viewport
  • virtual engagement gaming
  • employee onboarding kit

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What Our Clients Have to Say...

“It was a hit! The number of staffers joining in virtually was AWESOME! I’ve had so many people asking me about the swag and game feature! I am passing your info out all over Allstate!”

Crystal – Allstate

“You all are wonderful partners. It’s one thing to be great partners in the good times, but it sets the bar higher when you continue to strengthen the relationship during the tough times —we’re looking forward to even more great ideas and partnership ahead!”

Amy – United Airlines

“Thank you for all your assistance on our projects and for always looking for solutions to our timing challenges- for focusing on value and helping us manage our costs.”

Ed – United Airlines

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