Unique Merch for Onboarding

CHALLENGE: A college in Boston wanted to continue its annual tradition of welcoming students to a new school year with a gift — even during the pandemic when students were attending classes virtually. In previous years, Simmons University put the gift in the hands of the students when they moved to campus — but during the pandemic when they began the school year virtually, the school needed to mail gifts nationwide. With campus life being integral to the student body, the school wanted the gift for incoming students to help them feel connected to the campus, whether from miles or states away.

SOLUTION: The Summit team worked with the people at Simmons University to send Boston to the incoming students. Together, we created a limited-edition coloring book bringing the city to life, featuring pages with famous landmarks and iconic architecture. The coloring books arrived to the students a few days before classes began in the fall, with the first coloring page featuring the college’s iconic main building. The unique promotional gift gave the audience a creative outlet as well as engaged them in the local landscape from afar. See how we did relative to the photos of campus at https://www.simmons.edu/.

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