True Aussie Experience

Our team does so much more than branded products, we create genuine and authentic moments of human engagement! When working with our client True Aussie Lamb & Beef they wanted to create a unique and memorable event.   We helped plan and execute a 3-night sensorial dining experience - celebrating the culture, scenes, and flavors of Australia for True Aussie, Beef & Lamb. Featuring authentic cuisine from TrueAussie chef ambassadors: Renee Scharoff and Claudette Zepeda. We designed and delivered a collection that included "aussome" products such as, T-shirts, cooler bags, aprons, beef + lamb spice tins, and sweet Australian treats. It also came with a special edition of the Muse, a fine dining booklet, which included the menu for dinner, chef bios, event-specific creative, and sponsor ads.  The event was not only enjoyed by the attendees but there was tons of online attention driven to it. The uniquely Australian inspired event had 90 posts shared across social platforms and 779,100+ total engagements. It comes as no surprise that our team continues to get called on for multi-sensory events such as this one. 

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