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October 12, 2023
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Is a Community-Minded, Give Back Culture an Optional Talent Strategy? 

It seems ‘everyone’ is on the nice list this year, or that’s what every company out there it toting, right? Our Summit family values working together, making good on our promises, and doing something for the greater good. When we sat down to circle back on the good work from 2023, we asked ourselves, “how we could create a springboard to showcase the good work you and yours are doing?” The result: Summit’s Nice List was born. 

In April of this year, Forbes wrote the popular post, Nine Ways You Can Make Giving Back Part of Your Company Culture. Is your team making the most of the giveback culture? Have you found ways to get maximum engagement? Aren’t convinced that giving back wards off churn? Read more here. 

We are in awe of everyone who finds the extra time in their busy schedules to give some precious mind space, and/or personal time to bettering someone else’s life experience. Whether it’s shaving their head as a show of support in the battle against childhood cancers, running for a cause, funding education in under-served regions, mentoring underprivileged kids, or organizing a workplace supply drive to gift to those in need; whatever your team does, whether it be big or small, every day or just once; we want your project listed on our 2023 Nice list.  

This is a call for nominations of sorts. An invitation to share the great work your colleagues are doing, send us pictures, and tell us their stories. We want to hear about the team culture changes, the brand ambassadors, and we want to hear about those super quiet people, who are oh-so quietly going about doing good with no expectations.  

Please click here to share the stories, and let’s give those people a little more recognition for the change they are bringing about to make the world a little brighter (and of course, they’ll have a chance of winning some great merch). 

Here is a quick look at just a few of the important faces impacted by some of our in-house projects this past year, we can’t wait to hear about yours. 

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