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December 11, 2023

Welcome to “Merch Madness”: Where 2024’s Hottest Trends in Branded Merch Battle It Out for Subjective Supremacy on the Court

In the dynamic arena of consumer goods, staying one step ahead of the curve is key to victory. As we charge into 2024, a lineup of game-changing trends is dominating the field, offering brands a prime opportunity to score big with their target audience through innovative product plays that deepen consumer engagement.

Let’s break down these leading trends and uncover how they can become MVPs in your daily lineup.

Redefining Sustainable Branded Merchandise

Think of this trend as the all-star player who’s not only skilled but plays with heart. It’s all about transforming our playbook to include eco-friendly and socially conscious strategies. Imagine repurposing and reconstructing our lifestyle and the products we swear by for a more sustainable game plan. Front-runners like FEED and Nimble are setting the pace, showcasing products crafted from recycled materials and backing important social causes.

Quiet Luxury in Corporate Gifts

This sub-trend is the seasoned veteran of style, blending timeless elegance with top-tier materials. Quiet Luxury is the epitome of understated sophistication, marrying traditional luxury craftsmanship with a nod to modern, eco-aware sensibilities. Champions like Mercer+Mettle and Osprey are wearing this trend proudly, offering up a roster of sleek, sustainable products that are always in season.

Balanced Versatility

In today’s fast-paced digital playbook, maintaining agility between work and play is crucial. Balanced Versatility drafts products that effortlessly pivot from professional to personal time, keeping us in the zone while also enjoying the game of life. With gear like multi-functional backpacks from Mercer+Mettle and endlessly reusable notebooks by Rocketbook, this trend caters to the dynamic needs of today’s roster.

Healthy Living

Prioritizing health and wellness has never been more critical. The Healthy Living trend champions products that boost cognition, harmony, focus, and mood. Innovators like Larq and Owala are in the health game with their advanced water bottles and self-cleaning technology, promoting not just personal health but also playing for Team Earth.

Decoration Trends in E-commerce Shops

Beyond these key player trends, specific decoration strategies can amplify your e-commerce store’s visual game. From bold typography and high-contrast graphics to stylish minimalism, vibrant colors, and low-key luxury, these elements can make your products pop off the screen and stick in the memory of your fans.

Sustainability, style, and functionality are the power trio leading the promotional product league. Whether it’s by delivering eco-friendly options, embracing the luxury of subtlety, or promoting well-being, there’s a multitude of ways to distinguish your brand in the competitive market.

Ready for a deeper dive into these trends? Grab our full trend playbook below.

But let’s not lose sight of the main event – the much-anticipated buzz of our Merch Madness bracket challenge! We’re excited to reveal Summit’s chosen Elite 8 contenders that have secured a chance at glory later this month. These products each demonstrate innovation, style, and versatile functionality. 

Summit’s Elite 8 Picks

  1. Nimble Champ Portable Charger (Pg.7)
  2. Presto Eco Bluetooth Speaker (Pg. 8)
  3. Osprey Aoede Daypack (Pg. 10)
  4. Rocketbook Infinity Core Notebook Set​ (Pg. 12)
  5. Nomad Renew Duffle (Pg. 13)
  6. Anker Headphones (Pg. 13)
  7. Owala Freesip (Pg. 17)
  8. Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Smokeless Fire Pit (Pg. 19)

And here’s the thrilling part – they’re all championship material. Each contender has fought its way through the bracket, ready to battle it out for the top spot. Whether they bring the charm of sustainability, the grace of timeless elegance, or the utility of versatile function, our picks have it all.

Follow us on social to make sure you catch all of our upcoming branded merch matchups to find out the ultimate winner.


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