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September 12, 2023
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Making Corporate Holiday Gift Giving Easy in Today’s Work World

The holiday season is a time for recognition and expressing appreciation and for most organizations, this means finding the right piece for your clients and employees to represent your brand strategy. In today’s ever-evolving workplace landscape, where some organizations are transitioning back to the office while others remain remote indefinitely, finding the right gifts for your diverse audience (and distributing them) can be more involved. It’s less likely to be a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather a balancing act between thoughtful, unique branded products, presentation and efficiency. Read on about how we are untangling your business gifts this holiday season. 

A Quick Pop-Up Shop for Unique Corporate Gifts

With our quick-to-deploy pop-up shops, you get a modern virtual storefront that allows you to offer a gift selection of promotional merchandise to your audience(s). Our pop-up shops are easy to navigate, allowing your audience the freedom to pick what suits them best, or simply having them choose their size and/or color. Looking to stay connected with customers who are no longer in the office? Use our pop-up shop to securely collect ship-to-addresses for those VIPs. 

Easy Decisions in Popping Up a Holiday Online Merch Store

Give them options or not? With the ever-changing workplace layout, it’s important to start by deciding on if and what options you want to offer to your audience that will align with the brand strategy and messaging objective. If you are providing gift options, curating a diverse range of promotional items, from the latest tech trend to gourmet food experiences, all while having a huge selection of brand-name gifts ensures there will be something for everyone.  

Presentation and Packaging Wow for Your Company Branded Swag

Give special consideration to the packaging; every aspect counts. The goal is to ensure your audience feels seen and appreciated with each interaction. Consider using elegant or eco-friendly wrapping materials, as they can contribute an additional layer of thoughtfulness. If social responsibility is one of your corporate values, be eco-friendly in your gift packaging. Luxury a brand value of yours? Consider reflecting the same in your packaging approach. 

Involve Your Client-Facing Team in Creating Custom Corporate Swag

Your client-facing team has the best understanding of your audience’s preferences and tastes. Encourage them to be part of the gifting process by offering their insights and suggestions. If it’s for your internal team, turn to your HR department. Need help with employee reward programs? We’ve got you here

Arrange brainstorming sessions or conduct surveys to collect ideas and preferences from your sales and client service teams. By involving them in the process, you’re granting them the chance to contribute their insights, share their knowledge of their clients’ likes and dislikes, and make the gift even more meaningful because they had a hand in shaping it. Their input might even bring forth ideas you would never have considered otherwise!

Based on the team’s input, create a shortlist of gift options that resonate with your audience. This collaborative approach ensures that the gifts are not only well-received but also likely to strike the perfect chord. By considering the diverse perspectives and preferences, you can guarantee a more personalized and effective gifting strategy that will leave a lasting impression.

Foster Genuine Connections with Corporate Branded Swag

Fostering genuine connections with clients and colleagues begins with crafting personalized messages that resonate on a deeper level. We encourage you to go beyond generic phrases and take the time to acknowledge the recipient’s specific contributions or milestones. By doing so, you demonstrate a sincere understanding and appreciation for the individual’s unique impact. Personalized messages not only make them feel valued but also strengthen the bond between you and your client or colleague, creating a more meaningful and lasting impression.

Corporate gifting in today’s workplace landscape requires a more tailored approach. By creating an e-shop with gift choices, involving your client-facing team, and personalizing each gift with hand-written notes, you can strike a balance between thoughtfulness and efficiency. This holiday season, make sure your clients and customers feel appreciated and valued with gifts that truly resonate with them.

Read another perspective on holiday gifting considerations: Harvard Business’s 8 Tips for Holiday Gifting at Work. Still want more, watch our recent Holiday Gifting broadcast below: 


Then flip through our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide to see more great options for showing them your appreciation this season.


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