Audience Engagement for Aussie Beef & Lamb

Did you know we have a special team (just like football) that crafts marketing communications campaigns specifically for the Food & Beverage industry?

In preparation for Mother's Day, our F&B team created a campaign for True Aussie Beef & Lamb to make the most of loving Mom with their Simply Spring: A Mother’s Day Series.

The campaign is designed to be of service to the community by demonstrating not only how easy it is to cook with lamb but also how to elevate your Mother’s Day celebrations using Australian lamb.

This team launched a 4-part-mini-series that follows Chef Renate DeGeorge as she teaches 3 home cooks how to make the perfect celebratory meal for Mother’s Day. Each episode features a new lamb recipe, a new cooking method, and introduces us to the cook and their mom.

In the 4 weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, a new episode is released every Tuesday on True Aussie’s Facebook and Instagram - driving more people to get in the kitchen and try these “Aussome” recipes for their mom.

Follow @aussiebeeflamb or visit the True Aussie Beef & Lamb website to catch them all.

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