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4 Creative Ways to get the Most Out of the Summer for You and Your Career or Business

The warm weather and longer days of sunshine make summer the typical time for taking vacation, not to mention the kids being out of school – however, both tend to contribute to a slowdown for many businesses.

In this new hybrid work world is there really a need to step away from work over the summer? What if work gave us the rest and sense of adventure, and feeling of connection that we seek out during vacations?

Society is still finding its way in this post-pandemic era, and people are feeling more disconnected than ever. This summer, reach out and offer people an excuse to try something new while at the same time building connections that are likely to last well into the future.

Entrepreneur Magazine reports that reaching out to clients during the summer or during your “slow season” is highly beneficial for business success:

“This is absolutely crucial for your summer success… people do business with those they know, like and trust.”

Let’s dive into four creative ways to make the most of this summer season for you and your organization:

1. Throw a dynamic in-person event.

Invite the people who matter to you — whether one client or many clients, colleagues and/or volunteers — for an afternoon together. Maybe it’s axe throwing, an afternoon paddle at the local watering hole, a game of bocce, or a pickleball lesson… find something that excites you and your guest(s). The activity itself is only meaningful when the people who are most important to your organization attend.

Whatever the event, our team can help you make it memorable with keepsakes that recount your brand story and build loyalty. Consider a stainless steel can cooler for post-activity refreshments, or their very own Axe-throwing kit, or a Turkish towel, or stay in step with this year’s trends and go preppy with a polo shirt (with a pop of color or pattern).

2. Take some time and make it personal with the lost art of the handwritten note.

You don’t have to see someone in person or even online to forge a connection. In the age of digital distraction, a mailed letter says more than just the words on the page. Taking the time — and energy — to craft a thoughtful note won’t go unnoticed, plus it gives the sender the opportunity to slow down and reflect. That’s a win-win, right? Thoughtful touches are a fantastic way to follow-up on a project, stay connected over distances, or just let them know you are thinking of them. You can always sweeten the surprise by pairing your note with a box of gourmet treats, a thoughtfully branded notebook, a simple magnet that shares a value or sentiment that will brighten their day.


3. Enjoy some strong coffee over a good conversation – whether in-person or not.

Scheduling a coffee break as the opportunity to take a mental break and connect is often well-received, according to recent research published by Harvard Business Review. Plan ahead and make the coffee break experiential by sending a gift in advance to have them looking forward to it as much as you (plus they are less likely to cancel on you if they know you are invested in it).

A coffee mug might be a little too on-the-nose, so consider sending something that could spark conversation, such as a personal piñata fiesta kit for something completely out-of-the-box — or should we say out-of-the-donkey?

We love to include quotes on products to get your recipients smiling, like this tea towel. You can also cut the kitsch and keep it classic with this coffee and snack set.

4. Get out and give back to Community — together.

Mental wellness is an important part of the work-life balance. Invite one or many clients and/or colleagues to join you in a walk/run/ride or an outdoor service project, like a Habitat for Humanity build or community garden project. You can outfit them in advance with branded gear that ensures your guests are properly equipped for the adventure: a simple kit of fun-in-the-sun essentials, a cooling towel made of recycled materials, or a bucket hat for 360-degree shade (yes, they’re making a comeback).


Live Your Best Summer with the people who matter to you and your organization.

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