Lidl Grand Openings

Lidl is in the business of revolutionizing grocery shopping from the moment they break ground. As opening day approaches, their team is actively working with us on preparations to welcome their new neighbors. From customized tents to coloring books and beach balls for the kids, paying attention to every detail for this event is always top priority. In honor of state pride, we’ve delivered canvas bags designed with the state outline the opening is in. There’s even a ribbon cutting to make the celebration official and memorable for the shopper.  They are firm believers of keeping the community in mind and aim to provide transparency about their initiatives surrounding it. Not only do we support their grand openings, but we have also expanded to career fairs, employee holiday gifts, and we have items set up on their employee website where they can find everything Lidl. With each project our team encounters, we are proud to continuously work alongside a people company.

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