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January 17, 2021
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May 20, 2021

Employee Appreciation Takes the Cake in 2021

As we put 2020 in our rearview, we have to acknowledge how difficult this year has been for the workforce. No matter whether you’re an essential worker, a frontline worker or a work-from-homer, the pandemic has made work more stressful for everyone. And if you’re an employer, you’ve probably never felt more grateful for your team than you do now.  The pandemic has brought to the surface the importance of team collaboration, its dynamic, and its ability to adapt.  With Employee Appreciation Day, celebrated every year in early March, don’t miss this opportunity to recognize your team for their efforts that have gotten you this far.   A few different ways to express your appreciation; 

Just Add Ice Cream

We love this colorful treat box that includes everything you need (gourmet cones, cotton candy, rice crispy treats, and marshmallows!) to satisfy your sweet tooth. You could give employees the heads up to make sure they have their favorite ice cream in their freezer on 03/05 so they can enjoy it right away. And if your team is working remotely you could even enjoy your homemade cones together virtually if you’d like.

Yeah You Box










Spa Day

Encourage your employees to kick back and relax with an at-home spa day. We like this kit that includes essential oils, a candle, aromatherapy soap, and bath salts. You could add a plush robe or a bamboo brush into the mix too depending on your budget.  Don’t know their size? Not to worry, we can spin up a quick e-store to enable you to capture everything from their preferred robe size to their favorite aromatherapy scent.

Give them the Gift of Choice

Allow employees to select a gift of their choosing through a custom shop interface. Select a few options within your budget, specify a window of time for employees to make their selection (say, Monday through Friday for example), and then on the following Monday (once the order window has closed) we’ll place your orders, then ship them directly to your team. The days of stressing over whether or not your group will like their gift, etc. are gone!

Miss those Team Coffee Chats and Lunches? 

Invite your team to a group social over coffee or lunch by sending each one a digital gift card to order in.   You can even customize the email with your company’s logo and leave a personalized note for each recipient in their inbox.  The downside? It’ll be pretty hard to steal someones french fries 😉 







Demonstrating your appreciation for your team’s wins, both big and small, in realtime increases employee engagement and satisfaction, and the more valued and the happier your employees feel, the better work they’ll do.  So while some of us only have the bandwidth to recognize our team’s once a year, such as on Employee Appreciation Day, if you can make it a habit of showing your employees you appreciate them as they achieve performance milestones based on their individual contributions, Gallup says your team is likely to have a 21% higher profitability rate than those with a less engaged team. 

Whatever your budget and however you choose to do it, 2021 is the year we cannot afford to overlook appreciating our team’s contributors.  With burn-out at an all-time high, and everyone working these un-ending days, a signal that tells your team members that you see their efforts truly hits home.  As the saying goes, ‘it’s the thought that counts’, so even if it’s a simple token, ensure your team members know how much you think of them.  



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