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April 26, 2013
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May 8, 2013

Why It’s Important to Incentivize Employees for Healthy Behaviors

There is quite a lot of controversy these days as to reward or not reward employees for healthy behaviors. You may have heard of intrinsic versus extrinsic rewards. Employees should participate in healthy behaviors because that is simply the right thing to do. This is easier said than done. When thinking about implementing a wellness program, consider the following.

A recent Smart Business article discusses incentivizing employees. To sum up the article, people like and sometimes expect to be rewarded for good behavior. In this case, incentives work. Perks can definitely help give programs the longevity they might otherwise lack. The “carrot,” or incentive as a positive reinforcement, is meant to get employees motivated and started on their path to better health. Your challenge as an employer is how to keep them motivated and healthy once you have got their attention. To read the Smart Business article, click here.

Summit provides points-based programs for their clients. The points are awarded to employees upon the completion of healthy activities, from annual physicals to the completion of a tobacco cessation program.

What does your company think about incentivizing employees?

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