Associate Highlight: Meet Debbie Yedlin
September 18, 2013
Case Study: Geek Squad
September 25, 2013

True Story: Who Turned the Lights Out?

PC-7161 logoWhen you work for a company that specializes in branded merchandise, your house quickly becomes a storage center for leftover samples and cool gadgets that you plan to use “someday”.  There was one tech product in particular that fit this bill.

That product was the Power Bank for iPads and Smartphones.  It certainly came in handy the night my power went out without any warning. My phone was nearly dead and I needed to get in touch with someone. I grabbed my Power Bank and began reading the directions, which were easy to follow. Within minutes my phone was working!  I would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a reliable back-up.  You never know when the next storm may hit your region.

Contact Summit Group at to find out more about this product and other ways to stay connected when electricity fails.

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