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August 7, 2013
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August 9, 2013

True Story: A Shirt that Zaps!

kristin thumbs upI recently wrote a Fashionable Friday blog on the Insect Shield apparel by Zorrel. I ordered one of the tees to test it out. My sister Kristin happened to be coaching at a lacrosse camp the week that the tee arrived so I asked her to try it out for me. The camp was held on a field near a creek so there were many bugs flying around the area. She reported back to me after wearing it one day with good news! While the other kids and coaches at the camp constantly swatted bugs away from their bodies and sprayed on lots of bug spray, Kristin remained bug free.  She also said the tee was very comfortable and helped her stay dry in the heat. She recommends it to anyone working outdoors!

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