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January 13, 2017
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January 31, 2017

On Wednesday, November 9th, 2016, post-election, Fran Kensky made a call to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). The reason for making this call was because WMATA contacted Fran to place an order for card sleeves in 2012 for President Obama’s second Inauguration. Fast forward 4 years, she was asking what the plan was now that the President-Elect, Donald Trump, was going to be inaugurated into office. WMATA told her that they were not going to be doing the card sleeves this year so that they would not be needing Fran’s services. But on December 22nd that all changed. WMATA contacted Fran telling her that they needed a 50,000 card sleeves ordered for the Inauguration. That left her with about 3 weeks and it didn’t help that the holidays were right around the corner!

The vendor that helped Fran make this all possible was Erell and one of their very own sales representatives, Randy Silton. Typical production time is around 21 days which means a proof needs to be approved and the order needs to be placed with 21 or more days left for the order to be produced and shipped on time. Edwin Williams, a fellow Summiteer, helped immensely with this project as well and he says, “Art was the biggest issue”. For almost a week and a half, there was a wait period to have the proofs approved from Trump’s advertising team. Randy would follow up with Fran and Edwin asking what the status of the proofs were and finally on January 3rd, Metro approved it! The card sleeve is shown on the left.

The order was sent out within a week of being entered. They were sent in batches; the first was 25,000 card sleeves on January 11th, the second was 15,000 on January 12th, and the last 10,000 was sent on January 18th. Fran says, “This was one of the most stressful orders I have ever worked on because of the time”. But even with it being an extremely rushed order, she still feels as if she played a role in the inauguration and that is ultimately satisfying for her.

With all the stress put aside, Fran, Edwin, and Randy did an amazing job to make this all possible. Summit extends a special shout out to them and all their hard work in contributing to this monumental moment!

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