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February 22, 2013
Making a Difference – The Results
March 7, 2013

Occasionally, a client receives a product that may not meet their expectations.  Be it the manufacturer produced something incorrect, human error occurred or something of the like. What sets Summit Group apart is our desire to ensure any errors are fixed so our clients are satisfied.  Recently, we had the opportunity to show a client what lengths Summit Group, and our amazing team, will go to ensure they are pleased and proud of the final product.

Michael Harper and his colleague Holly Van Norden from our DC office were working dutifully to make certain everything was running smoothly for their client’s event.  The merchandise the client ordered arrived on time, however there was one minor issue.  When the client opened the 19 boxes of duffels (110 pieces) the day before the event, they discovered that the logo dome was not adhering properly to the bags.  Unfortunately, the factory was unable to reproduce them in time for their event the next afternoon. Summit wasn’t about to let their client down so Michael and Holly searched for a solution.

The plan was Holly would work with the manufacturer to overnight (early AM) 110 blank bags to a local embroiderer.  The local embroiderer would embroider the bags that morning and Michael and Holly would have them delivered to the client in the afternoon.  Simple enough, right?


Unfortunately, the embroiderer was not open early enough to ensure early AM delivery.  To make it work, Holly had the bags delivered to her house before 8am that morning.  Michael and Holly then packed up her car and drove the bags to the embroiderer. 
The embroiderer finished the bags within 4 hours
. As soon as the bags were complete, Michael packed up Holly’s SUV and delivered the replacement bags to the client in Northern VA in time for their event!

In the end, everything worked out and Summit Group can proudly say with certainty that they really will travel the extra mile (or 30+ miles in this case) to make sure our clients are always satisfied with our service.

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