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July 18, 2012
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August 13, 2012

Summit Group Announces Launch of New “Brand Engagement Strategy” Elevating Employee Success

Summit Group LogoATLANTA, GA July 9, 2012 – Summit Group, a brand marketing services company, is pleased to announce the launch of their new “Brand Engagement Strategy,” which includes an innovative suite of employee focused programs and “Inspire,” the IT platform which supports them. Summit has a new suite of programs that support employee engagement and marketing initiatives. Focused on the concept that highly committed and engaged employees are critical to delivering brand strategy and business success, Summit demonstrates cost effective and easy to implement/manage programs. These programs communicate, reinforce, encourage and connect employees to their brand’s message, vision, values and results-driven behaviors.

Summit Group’s suite of programs, including Health and Wellness, Peer to Peer, Safety, Manager Discretionary, Sales and Channel Incentive, Suggestion, Training, Service Anniversary and Retirement and Community Involvement, are managed through the “Inspire” platform. “Inspire” enables Summit’s clients to communicate and manage multiple employee initiatives through a proprietary, web-based, single sign-on, awards-based system.

Summit Group combines many years of brand building expertise in three disciplines, including Promotional Merchandise, Creative and Marketing Services and Employee Engagement, Recognition and Incentive services. It all adds up to the “Power of 3,” a full service resource to support success in providing the communications and tools necessary to drive effective brand focus and committed delivery by your employee team.

Robbin Rouillard, Summit Group’s VP of Engagement and Recognition states, “Summit Group is excited about the opportunity to meet companies’ growing employee engagement and marketing initiative needs.”


Summit Group is passionate about building brand relationships, offering marketing services that effectively build and strengthen relationships with their clients’ key audiences. Starting with its internal team, Summit helps align people to the essence and meaning of their company’s brand, creating stronger promotional and emotional connections to their organizations. The result is engaged employees, committed channel partners and loyal customers.

Summit utilizes three distinctive disciplines, including Branded Merchandise, Marketing & Creative Services, and Engagement & Recognition, to design and manage programs that improve their clients’ performance, productivity, satisfaction and profitability. Learn more about Summit Group online at www.summit11961.wpengine.com/.


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