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April 1, 2012
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April 1, 2012

Social Media for Better Customer Service

Recently I’ve had a string of unfortunate customer experiences with companies I would have considered “tops” in their industry for customer service/recovery. I had to ask myself, having started my career at the Four Seasons and being in such a client facing business was I more sensitive to the customer service of others. Oddly enough this article highlights a Four Seasons snafu which proves no company is immune to bad customer service at some point.

How do we solve for it? I’m a big believer that we can use social media to address client concerns and grow in our three core competencies, but the programs must be rooted in our businesses objectives. Comcast has done a great job of using social media to change our perception of them. I always dread calling them for service related issues because let’s be honest, it’s a nightmare.

Check out what they are doing as well how other top brands are using social media to better improve their customer service:


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