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May 4, 2016
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May 13, 2016

What is a Promo ProductHow often do you think of promotional products being used to make a difference in the world? The thought probably doesn’t cross your mind too often, which is understandable.  When asked what a promotional product is, chances are your first instinct is to list some of the most cost-effective advertising tools such as pens, coffee mugs or t-shirts.  These stand-alone products are excellent for promotions and are typically found at trade shows, concerts, meetings and events.  There are instances, though, where it makes sense to take ideas a step further, so our sales team will suggest pairing items together to make a greater impact.  For example, instead of solely passing out a water bottle at a health event, why not pair it with a t-shirt that could be rolled inside the water bottle?  Your message will last longer and result in more impressions when the product is delivered in a creative manner.

That’s exactly what our Senior Account Manager out of our DC office, Susan Hysen, does for her clients on a regular basis, and sometimes she even has theBox opportunity to help create products that will truly make a difference.  Her client at Goodwill Industries International recently proposed an idea to promote the Give Back Box® that was executed so creatively that Susan won an award for it at the Chesapeake Promotional Products Association’s 9th annual Peake Awards Ceremony.

As the website states, the Give Back Box is a “custom shipping box that provides vendor services to retailers and charities, allowing each and every cardboard box a second life to help people in need.” This idea allows online shipping boxes, or any other cardboard boxes that you may have, to be reused so individuals can donate unwanted household items to Goodwill®.  Give Back Box helps protect our environment by encouraging us to live by the philosophy of reducing, reusing and recycling.

Those who use Give Back Box are also making a social impact.  According to the site, “the average US household has around $7,000 of unwanted items (NPD Study 2011).  Donating these items makes helping the 50 million people living below poverty a reality.” Finally, it’s economical since donating is free for the donor, and it saves time as you are shipping to the nearest Goodwill rather than driving there. Learn more about Give Back Box.

image1 To promote this project, Goodwill wanted a creative marketing solution that would make an impact, so its communications team decided to distribute a kit to on-air news personalities and producers to announce the launch. The kit was a custom shipping box that housed a heat-activated tumbler. The Goodwill logo was imprinted on the outside of the tumbler and, when activated, its PSA campaign slogan, “Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.” appeared with a graphic from the ad campaign. The tumbler contained client literature inside about Give Back Box retail partners and was packed in a silver organza bag, completing the packaging. More than 200 packages were mailed and delivered the week of Cyber Monday, making a great impreimage2ssion on recipients, which in turn helped Goodwill kick off this remarkable idea.

Do you have unwanted items at home that you haven’t had time to donate?  Consider trying out Give Back Box! You can print your free shipping label here.

Please contact Marketing@summitmg.com if you have any questions about this promotion.

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