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January 14, 2020
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January 14, 2020

Goodyear Online

Merch that gets them Revved Up - Goodyear's Online Store

In order to effectively market Goodyear merchandise, Summit created a main portal that links to 3 different websites: one for consumers, one for associates, and one for dealers.

The consumer site is accessible to the general public to purchase Goodyear merchandise shipping within the United States.

The Associates site is accessible for employees in all departments. Within the store there are giveaways for corporate events, corporate apparel, corporate gifts, incentives, personal purchases, and it allows for international shopping.

Lastly, the Dealers site is built to sell apparel, provide in-store giveaways, and gives promotion for the dealerships themselves. They are able to get new business and gain retention with this program.

Goodyear isn't the only commonality amongst these sites - our team is the strategizing force behind this solution for their branded merchandise needs.

Visit the store for yourself:


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