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National Pet Day: Part 2

Last month we had an overwhelming number of submissions from Summiteer’s who are simply crazy about their pets!  After reading their stories and seeing everyone’s adorable pictures, it’s easy to understand why. If you didn’t have a chance to check out our post on National Pet Day, feel free to take a look here.

Without further ado, here are more of our pets!

Hi, my name is “Daisy”! I’m a 10 year old Shitzu- Maltese who loves taking naps, riding in the car and I heard mom, who is an Account Executive in Chicago, say I know how to use my big brown eyes to get my way! She might be right about that…

My name is Lizzy and I am a 3 year old calico.  I love to play with my kitty siblings Boo Boo & Dottie, and my dog sister Annie.  My mom sometimes calls me the cat with no boundaries because of my habit of lying wherever I want- even if it happens to be somebody’s face.  My mom is Lara a merchandiser in the Chicago office.

Hello – Stan here! I’ve been told I’m a great listener, so ask me anything! I love playing with my neighborhood buddies and during the day I like to nap while my mom Heather is busy working on the Allstate team in the Chicago office.


Penny (L) and Wally (R)

Hi, I am Wally Kalina.  I am a 4 year old yellow lab.  I have a sister Penny Kalina who is a 3 year old pit mix. We spend our days lounging on the couch looking out the window or playing in the backyard- we love tennis balls and sticks. Our mom Jenna is a Program Manager on the United account

Good morning!  My name is Garth (I think I was named after Garth from the movie “Wayne’s World” but I’m not sure!).  I’m a 4-yr. old standard sized Goldendoodle which means I am a fairly stout young pup weighing in at 70 lbs.   As a pupster, I spent many hours in training and learned how to be an emotional support dog.  Though my services are no longer needed as a “special puppy”, my mom thinks I am still pretty special and takes me through my “drills” just to keep me sharp!  After all, one day she might even need my special services and I want to be ready to serve her to the best of my pup-abilities.  I’m pretty smart even if I do say so myself!  I can sit, come, heel, lay down, stay, turn around, go home help anyone up if they fall, shake, hug and in general, just be a good friend.  I love people but don’t get real excited about being around other 4-legged friends.  I guess I just don’tlike any other competition even though my Mom tells me I’m the smartest, prettiest, most lovable Garth ever!!

Hi, my name is Wednesday. I am 9 years old. I wake up every day at 6 AM to meow at the birds. I enjoy laying in the sun and trying to catch birds even though I have no claws. My mom is an account coordinator in the Atlanta office.

I am Hugo “Devil Dog” Urbanski. I am a 1 year old Puggle. My Beagle nose gets me into trouble. I spend my days digging holes and playing fetch. My favorite hobby is going to the local dog park where all of the dogs chase me. I’m really fast!  My mom Donna Urbanski is an Account Manager for Sodexo & Booz Allen Hamilton.

Hello everyone! My name is Marvel Owen Kurimay and I spend my days sitting on a comfy white chair gazing out the window, waiting for my owner, Evan Kurimay, to come home from school. I’ve been known to sneak waffles and burgers right from the counter when no one is looking! My mom who works in the Chicago office doesn’t really appreciate when I do that. Oh well! I love going to the dog park, and can spell W-A-L-K. My favorite activity is barking at the mailman, and going out in sub-zero weather in my dog boots.

Hi, My name is Bridget.  I am a 6 month old Golden Retriever who loves the water.  I especially love to chase the waves and anything that is thrown into the bay.  My family loves to play Lacrosse and I like chasing the three boys who pass the ball around.  At the end the day I just collapse in my bed after a great meal.  Life is rough…..

Woof – My name is Dotcy Wilson.  I am a long haired dachshund who enjoys long walks on the beach – not really!!  All I like to do is eat, sleep and bark obnoxiously whenever I am about to be let outside.   I live with several other dogs and a few cats.

That’s it for this month!  Check back later for more posts from our favorite Summit pets.

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