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January 25, 2012
Health & Wellness Rewards Programs Prove Effective
February 3, 2012

Branded Knife SetBeing a part of Summit for over eight years now has given me some great insight into what motivates people.  I have customers who want to motivate their clients and employees.  They want to motivate customers to buy from them or remember their brand.  They want to motivate their employees to work harder or to stay longer.  They hope to get something from their internal and external marketing. 

So what does motivate people? Does a service award help an employee to stay at a company?  It’s obviously an individual thing.  Is money always a motivator?  It’s a darn good one in this economy, but is it memorable?  Take, for instance, when my husband received his congratulatory letter for being with his company for twenty years.  He chose a knife set.  Every single time he  uses that set, he mentions how great his company is for giving it to him.  Would he say that if he received the cash instead?  Would he say “Hey, my company gave me money because I’ve been with them for 20 years!”?  No, he wouldn’t.  But every time he uses that set, he thinks kindly of the company that thought so highly of him to give him a gift.  Will it motivate him to stay another 5 years to try to get another?  Perhaps.  Either way, he is motivated to work hard for that company and is reminded of it every time he cooks.  And since he cooks for me, I too am motivated to tell everyone I know how great his company is!!! 

Bon Appetit!


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