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Associate Highlight: Meet Nicky Isaac

Nicole, Nicky, Issac is Summit’s newest Assistant Merchandiser for Premium Products. Located in our Chicago office, she is responsible for combining all product information into one cohesive client presentation and is accountable for ensuring data accuracy through the use of the internal operating systems.

Nicky has never been afraid to blaze a path all on her own.  Since leaving college, she moved to Southern California and lived there for 4.5 years before coming to the midwest to begin her career at Summit Group.

Nicky IssacShe absolutely loves traveling! Her mom works for one of the biggest airlines in the U.S. and that gives her the luxury to take many trips. One of the more recent ones was to Russia where she attended the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.  Nicky describes it as “a very humbling experience.”  When she is not exploring overseas, Nicky enjoys visiting Miami because she’s always had good times there with friends.

Aside from traveling, Nicky enjoys shopping, attending concerts, and going to poetry/Jazz lounges. She describes herself as having a “neo-soul, Erica Badu vibe” about her.  Like so many of us, she also love pasta and Chinese food!

Nicky always has “an open cubical policy.” If you find yourself visiting our Chicago office, please stop by and say hi!  We are very happy to have her on board!


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