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April 15, 2016
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April 25, 2016

CK 1It’s not uncommon for Summit Group to want to give back in some capacity, whether it be collecting canned goods for a local food bank or donating time at a homeless shelter.  No matter what, we want to be there to help make the lives of others a little bit easier. That’s why I was eager to say yes when the president of social sorority Sigma Omega Sigma of Carthage College, Diamond Deivright, asked if Summit Group could donate products for their chemotherapy care kits!

Diamond mentioned that with our help, their sorority was able to partner with social fraternity Phi Kappa Sigma and assemble 52 chemo care kits that CK3were donated and used to help aid the chemotherapy process of cancer patients.  She also commented that both of their social organizations “hold cancer awareness very close to [their] hearts and being able to give back the way that we have would not have been possible without the donations from Summit Group.”

CK2We certainly can’t take all of the credit for this generous donation though! Thanks to two of our fantastic suppliers, Magnet Group and Snugz, we were able to donate water bottles, lip balms, pens, hot/cold packs, blankets, Duffel bags, hand sanitizers and journals for the kits that were sent to a Wisconsin hospital.  Of course we wish there was more we could do for these patients, but hopefully these care kits will brighten their day and remind them that a lot of people out here are thinking of them during this challenging time.

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