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September 2, 2016
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Lara Loves It- My Favorite Picks from ASI Chicago 2016

Fresh from ASI Chicago, I wanted to share with you my latest loves.

The Zorb is an Electromagnetic Wave Absorber (EMF) for mobile phones which is an exclusive, patented product that absorbs EMF waves given off by cell phones and other cellular mobile devices. It’s molecular structure undergoes dynamic changes to continuously convert and reduce the impact of electromagnetic waves by up to 91%, reducing the impact of EMF waves and their adverse effects on the human body. The proprietary ceramics in the Zorb are able to render radiation waves harmless by converting them into shorter infra-red rays, which are useful bionic energy. The Zorb has been independently tested in a U.S. laboratory for radiation reduction and effectiveness. Zorb is also attractively presented in the form of a one piece self-adhesive design displayed directly on the mobile device.



Our industry has introduced another device to help protest us from hackers called the C- Slide.  When you want to video chat, you can open your ‘C- Slide’, but if you want to make sure no one can spy on you through your laptop or TV, you can slide the ‘shutter’ closed to protect your privacy.  Many of us have stickers over the cameras on our laptops, but this little device can solve the problem.  They also have a version for TVs to accomplish the same task.

The phone sanitizer has a spray liquid cleaner, with a soft side attached to wipe the liquid away.  My phone was clean in less than a minute! Our phones have become a part of our lives, and because we take them everywhere, they are loaded with bacteria; this eliminates that problem.  I fell in love right away!


phone sanitizer

The Kelvin Supertools is a fabulous device.  Depending on your budget, they have 3 versions- the 17, 23, & 36.  The numbers represent the number of functions that the tools have.  List price ranges from $19.99- $49.99.  If you are looking for the latest & greatest multi tool, there is no reason to look any further.

kelvin 36kelvin white

Imprints are available on all of these items- even the Zorb & the C- Slide.  Remember, if you love it too, please reach out to your favorite Summit Account Executive or send an email to!

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