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October 23, 2013
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October 25, 2013

Lara Loves It: First Edition – Gumbite® Pulli Cable Organizer

For the first edition of ‘Lara Loves It’ we have a very unique product – the Gumbite® Pulli Cable Organizer.  At first glance, this item seems crazy, but putting your ear bud cord through this device makes it so much easier to use your ear buds in your regular workout routine.

My typical workout involves treadmill, weight training, and/ or spin bike.  Before I had this item, there were times when I wouldn’t even bother wearing the headset because the cord was always getting in the way (especially with weight training).  Once you slip your cord through this and clip it to your top, getting tangled up in your cord is no longer an issue.

The vendor has provided a video to better explain this item and how to utilize it. Can I just say this has the ‘Lara’ stamp of approval?  I like the product so much that I am willing to take a selfie of myself at the gym (certainly not the best photo I have ever taken)!

Check in next month for the next Lara Loves It post!

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