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Keeping It Moving – More than just an 8 week Challenge

KIMThroughout October and November of 2013, all of Summit Group participated in our Keep It Moving Challenge, which consisted of a series of workouts to be completed both inside and outside of work, either individually or with the team that Summiteers formed.  We even incorporated the infamous Thriller dance routine as part of our fitness workouts (check out Atlanta, Chicago & DC’s performances) the week of Halloween!  At the end of the challenge, the winning team (which averaged the most minutes after the 8 week challenge) took home the gold, or in this case, an award, iPod Nano and incentive points which can be traded in for recognition gifts from Keep It Moving - Awardour company store.  Not a bad way to end the year! Plus, all five team members were pleased with meeting their personal and team goals, all while forming a lasting friendship at work.  Two teammates sent in their stories regarding the Keep it Moving Challenge, which you can find below.  Read on to see just how this health and wellness initiative impacted them and maybe it will inspire you to Keep It Moving in 2014!

Charlotte’s Story:

“It will be the happiest day of your life.” “The only thing that matters at the end of the day is that you two are married.” “You’re beautiful just the way you are.”  These statements are a few among the many one liners that future brides hear on a daily basis leading up to their wedding.  The fact of the matter is, though, everyone is looking at you that day – and you want to be feeling good and looking good. In the summer of 2012, Jessie and I were both planning our weddings.  Keep It Moving - Team PictureHers was in September and mine was in April 2013.  We both like to be healthy, but our weddings motivated us to begin daily walks at lunch.  Luckily, the Itasca corporate park that Summit is located in has two very lovely man-made lakes.  These provided a relaxing backdrop for our one hour long walks every day.  Over time these walks became famous for our long talks, which cultivated a true friendship. Now we were bonding over our weddings, our love for walking, and life in general….until winter.

The walks trailed off as the Chicago winter settled in.

In the spring of 2013, Jessie, Nicole, Jenna and I began a new walking routine – 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.  After a few walks we knew that we could leave through the side door, walk to the speed limit sign and turn around, and make it back to the front door of the building within 15 minutes.  The path was set for our breaks.  Eventually, we made it an official recurring meeting on our outlook calendars at 10 a.m. every day.  Now, it’s just a part of our lives – and this winter we are walking in the warehouse so that the Chicago winter didn’t win this time.

The Keep it Moving Challenge fell into sync with our already established walking routine – and we enhanced it with the Tuesday and Thursday challenges as a team, which included Kristen (who also got married this year and was focused on a healthy lifestyle).  It also added activity to our lives as we each picked up the exercise at home and in our personal lives. I walked on my treadmill and lifted weights at home, Nikki was a big fan of group exercise classes, Kristen did weight training, Jenna is a regular jazzercise-er and Jessie is constantly on the go. We were very fortunate to have Jessie on our team.  Her current stage in life includes mommy of 2 and new home owner – a perfect combination for an active lifestyle that helped us to win the Keep it Moving Challenge. A few group text messages and a lot of determination kept us motivated throughout.

Jessie’s Story:

This challenge came at the perfect time for me.  I was so frustrated with not being able to get back into my workout routine after giving birth to my 2nd baby, that I didn’t realize how much I was already doing.  During this challenge I was busy moving into our new home!! Yay! I am officially a home owner!! Busy, trying to sell our condo (still trying to sell it), busy being a mommy to a very energetic 3 year old and busy being a mommy to an infant who won’t sleep!!!!  I was so caught up in living my life around these things that I didn’t realize how active and how healthy I was keeping my body by doing just the everyday million things I had to do each day.

As mommies, we tend to worry soo much about looking perfect and getting back into our size 4 jeans, that we miss the fact that we are already so active and healthy by just being MOMMIES.  🙂

I loved seeing how the minutes I spent moving, playing, cleaning, shopping, and dancing with my little girl in the living room made me healthy without even trying to be.  🙂

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