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September 17, 2013
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September 18, 2013

We think so! Employers, like Summit Group, LLC, who put the time, money and resources into their employees, are in it for the long haul. The real trick is for employers to get their employees to want to do the same in return.

Managers at Summit Group know the importance of rewarding their employees, not only for key benchmarks like one and five years of employment, but also at other times during their employment. For example, employees will often be taken to lunch on their first day of work and on their birthday. Employees are consistently reminded that they are appreciated, and in turn Summit Group has a reputation of having a very low turnover of employees.

Summit Group not only knows how to show their own employees appreciation for service, but also employs professionals who can help you identify ways to reward your employees for their service. Summit helps companies build programs on their proprietary Inspire platform – programs for years of service, sales achievement, peer to peer recognition, health and wellness and more.

Does your company recognize employees for service? If so, how?

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