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October 11, 2013
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Is internal company branding really that important?

Usually, when we hear the term “brand” we immediately think of big box retailers like Target, or household brands like Coca-Cola. These companies have developed brands that we have built relationships with, and that we have become loyal to. What about internal company branding though? Internal branding is developing a relationship between your company’s brand and your employees. Does your company have a strong internal brand?

According to a recent The Financial Brand article, company success is measured by its internal company branding. “Clients are more likely to connect with your brand if they have a good understanding of what you are about, reinforced by the experience your staff delivers.” A company’s internal culture can define an organization as a whole.

Summit Group helps its clients develop strong internal brands through branded merchandise programs, employee incentive and recognition programs, and employee communications and creative services. The internal facing programs that companies put into place translate into successful external client relationships.

Is your company’s internal branding helping you to create and build successful client relationships?

To read the entire The Financial Brand article, click here.

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