February 3, 2012
Summit Group Wins Four Awards at Fifth Annual CPPA Ceremony
February 20, 2012

Health & Wellness Rewards Programs Prove Effective

As companies face rising healthcare costs, they are also dealing with employee turnover, absenteeism, and morale issues. A proven solution for supporting the desired commitment and engagement of employees as well as reducing overall healthcare costs while building employee morale and absenteeism has been discovered: A comprehensive HR strategy, which includes communications, training, executive commitment, and a health and wellness program which rewards employees for healthy life style activities, will deliver successful results at the bottom line.

This may sound too good to be true until you see the actual improvements and hear from the employees who share their real life success stories:

“As an employee just shy of a year, I was delighted to learn about this health and wellness program that my company offers – it demonstrates their ongoing care for the health and well-being of its employees. Over the months I have quit smoking, began a daily workout program, and become more aware of life choices and rewards. Thanks for making this program available to all.”

“The health and wellness program has been beneficial for me as well as my fellow employees. The friendly reminders to not stress so much at work and just to enjoy my job and life is communicated. I have used the program since its inception and will continue to use it to not only lead a healthier life, but to also obtain some nice rewards!!”

It takes several key elements to build the right health and wellness program – one in which your employees will engage with and trust.

  1. Executive leadership buy-in
  2. A culture of encouragement
  3. Communication channels and tone catered to your workforce
  4. Consistent messaging communicating the company’s brand – its overall culture, direction, and vision.
  5. Tell them how to do it. Reward them for doing it.

Be well and prosper!!!!

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