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November 23, 2015
Tote-ally for a Good Cause
November 24, 2015

GroupAround this time of year, you often hear that this is the “season for giving”; however, giving back to those in need should be something we are in the habit of doing all year long.

Summit has shown gratitude for a few of our clients whose mission is to cure diseases related to Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis and the heart, by banding together as one team to raise money for research.  In addition, we also make it a priority of ours to stop hunger in the US through donating to food drives, volunteering at soup kitchens and food banks, and of course donating money.

Like last year, each of our four offices was responsible for spearheading fundraising activities for one specific organization while the other offices joined in when they could. Chicago focused on raising funds for the American Heart Association, while Atlanta’s primary responsibility was the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  The DC office spearheaded fundraising for the American Diabetes Association and assisted our New Hampshire office with ideas on how to stop hunger in the US.

Fundraising over the course of several months was both enjoyable and incredibly successful! We raised $11,000 for these organizations which Summit Group plans to match as they did last year.  Our giving isn’t ending here though!  We are continuing to volunteer at soup kitchens and food banks, are collecting toiletries for those in need, and are already working on future fundraising plans for ADA, AHA and MS.

Now let’s take a look at all of the fun we had while giving back to great causes!

 American Heart Association

Chicago's Heart Healthy Education Session

Chicago’s Heart Healthy Education Session

DC's Heart Healthy Education Session

DC’s Heart Healthy Education Session

We kicked off our fundraising efforts for AHA with an education session on heart health.  While associates learned about heart disease and prevention, we offered heart healthy smoothies for a donation!  It was a delicious and informational afternoon at each of our offices which benefited both AHA and us! 

Chicago's Balloon Pop

Chicago’s Balloon Pop

In addition to the information session, our Chicago office decided to add a game into the mix with a Balloon Pop! Participants donated money for raffle tickets to pop balloons which were linked to the prizes seen in the picture.  It was a creative way that certainly put the fun in fundraising!


Multiple Sclerosis Society

DC's Cookout and Raffle for MS

DC’s Cookout and Raffle for MS

Much like our fundraising kick-off for AHA, we decided it was imperative that we educate associates on MS before reaching out for donations from family, friends and businesses. Understanding why you are raising money provides more meaning behind the work. Collateral on MS is useful, but we wanted to take it a step further and bring in speakers who were affected by the disease in some way.

Atlanta's Cookout for MS

Atlanta’s Cookout for MS

One office welcomed a social worker who assists individuals living with MS to provide insight on the disease and how to manage it.  Another office of ours had an opportunity to learn about the disease from someone who was diagnosed with it.  They were very thoughtful and moving presentations that we took a tremendous amount of information from, which, in turn, helped us raise the necessary funds for research!


American Diabetes Association

DC played bingo to raise money for ADA!

DC played bingo to raise money for ADA!

From Bingo during an education session to silent auctions, we had a wonderful time raising money for ADA!

There was an overwhelming amount of participation from local and national organizations who donated goods to our silent auction held at a winery outside of DC in September.

Customized Wine Bottles at DC's Silent Auction

Customized Wine Bottles at DC’s Silent Auction

The winery even customized wine labels with a portion of all wine sales donated to ADA!  It was a wonderful night that brought the local community together for an important cause.



Let’s Stop Hunger in the US!

Donations to Food Bank

Donations to Food Bank

Hunger in the US is an ongoing issue and one that we take very seriously.  The DC office began their fundraising endeavor with a hands-on simulation called Face Hunger which was led by an employee from the Capital Area Food Bank. The simulation was designed to raise awareness and teach associates about hunger.


Sorting food at a food bank

Sorting food at a food bank

In addition to learning more about hunger, Summit has donated hundreds of pounds worth of food to local food banks, and has also volunteered at said food banks, shelters and soup kitchens. 

Image of farm bowl sold to raise money for meals

Image of farm bowl sold to raise money for meals

We also sold bowls through Capital Area Food Bank’s Fill the Bowl Challenge .  Through bowl sales, Summit provided nearly 1,600 meals to those in need!


Giving back is not a seasonal activity for us.  We care deeply about an array of issues and intend on showing our support all year long!  If you would like to support us in giving back to any of the organizations listed above, please contact

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