Fashion Friday: Comfortable & Casual
October 2, 2015
Frances and Francis
October 27, 2015

The leaves are changing, there’s a chill in the air, and people are collecting their pumpkins for Halloween. It officially feels like we’re in the middle of fall, and with that comes preparation for the most appropriate apparel to keep us warm, comfortable and fashionable!

Instead of covering fall fashion as a whole, I’d like to focus specifically on those that travel for business with a little help from the color experts at Pantone! They’ve already given us the inside scoop of this seasons’ color must haves, which you can find in this post here. My two favorite colors of that collection, and perhaps the most versatile, are Dried Herb and Stormy Weather. What do you think of them?

Pantone's Fall Colors 2015

Men's VestWhen it comes to business trips, especially those that require you leaving early in the morning, it’s hard to predict how to appropriately dress. Not only do you want to be comfortable on your flight, but you want to look professional and find an outfit that can withstand the changes in temperature throughout the day. My recommendation is Port Authority’s Puffy Vest, which is also available for ladies. It gives the option of wearing a long sleeve shirt or a light sweater with a pair of dress jeans or khakis. You can store essentials in this vest due to the number of zippered pockets available. For men, it is available in Olive/Cayenne and for ladies in a Dark Slate/Black, which are both very similar to Pantone’s Ladies Vestselections for this fall. With this vest, you’ll be trendy but more importantly you’ll be comfortable and presentable for any type of encounter.

Men's BagThere is no doubt that black is always a go to color when you can’t find anything else in your closet. Although, this is not a part of Pantone’s Color Report, I’m going to make it a part of my travel guide ensemble. As I mentioned earlier, most business trips aren’t very lengthy so sometimes it’s easier to have a carry-on than having to check a suitcase. The Bennet Duffel is an essential piece that can be used for these quick trips. It has a strap that can modify the bag to be used as a cross messenger or handles to grab it by hand. The faux leather trim gives it an executive business look that will match perfectly with the Puffy Vest.

Ladies ToteLadies, although the duffel is not limited specifically to men, I realize some would prefer a more feminine bag such as the East Side Tote. This 24 oz. canvas tote makes it very durable and big enough to fit light material clothing and a few other necessities. Seasons come and go and it can be very overwhelming to remain fashion forward. With Summit Group’s help though, you will not be questioning if you’re still stuck in last seasons’ colors or if you look out of place!

If you have any questions about what you read today, or would like more options for the fall, please contact either your Account Executive or e-mail today

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