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February 27, 2014
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March 12, 2014

Fashion Friday: Felt’s Not Just for Craft Projects Anymore!

Felt 3 Attention fashion lovers!!! Did you hear that arts and crafts just made it’s grand debut into the fashion world?

Well not really, but felt has entered our industry as a fashion piece and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Up until yesterday, I never would have thought felt would be such a stylish accessory for a woman’s wardrobe. When a co-worker mentioned the new line of products from SanMar, I immediately thought of the flimsy fabric I was given in Kindergarten and couldn’t imagine it being appropriate for a tote bag.
Felt Bag

After seeing these items in person though, I can assure you that these products are hardly made of such material. They are constructed from sturdy, easy-to-decorate felt allowing you to carry almost anything with ease.  The totes also come in vibrant colors, so you are sure to make a bold statement this Spring!

If totes don’t interest you, we are also offering tablet sleeves and wine totes.  Something tells me we haven’t exhausted our options yet, so be on the lookout for more products made of felt this Fall!

Are you interested in learning more about these items?  Contact your Account Executive today or send an e-mail to for additional information.

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