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Fashion Friday: Dress for Success – Business Dress Code Basics

Corp_Uniform_LP_04Dressing for work, an interview, a business meeting, or corporate event can be a nerve-racking and even intimidating experience. I know I speak for many when I say picking out a work-appropriate outfit in the morning can be a daunting task.

There are tons of factors that come into play in determining what to wear to work. It can range from your body shape to the type of work you do, but in order to dress in a way to best represent yourself and your company, you should take into consideration all factors that can affect your workday wardrobe.

Every company is different and it is crucial that you understand and respect the dress code. Most offices institute “Professional Dress” or “Business Casual” as their respective dress codes.

Professional dress is the most conservative type of business wear – men are expected to wear business suits or blazers, dress pants and a tie. Women are expected to wear a business suit or a modest dress and blazer.

“Business Casual” is a more general dress code, which can almost make it more difficult to dress for. But, just because it is called business casual does not K576_trueroyalhthr_model_front_012016mean you are to dress down in sweatpants and hoodies. Business casual is typically a step down from professional dress, but still should portray a professional, clean-cut look. For men, this can include a polo shirt or a shirt with a collar, khakis or dress pants. For women, this canlb756_reagan include a blouse, or sweater, with dress pants or khakis.

One of my favorite fashion quotes is, “you can have anything you want, if you dress for it.” Dressing well is a direct reflection of who you are, but also is a reflection of your company. You want to dress in a way that represents your company in a positive way.

Dressing well doesn’t mean it has to be drab or boring. Don’t feel like you need to wear the same neutral color pant suits day in and day out. Incorporating lb758_ameliayour own style means you can express yourself while fitting in the workplace. For women, try and add pops of color into your outfits! Whether it be a bright blouse, a red shoe, or a structured necklace, there are so many ways to incorporate fun pieces into your work clothes.

OxfordThese Port Authority Oxford Button Downs are a perfect example of what every businesswoman or man should have in thier closet. The shirts are classic, yet comfortable. These shirts are work appropriate and can either be dressed up or down, according to the dress code. These great staple shirts come in a plethora of colors so everyone is bound to find their favorite. Whether you decide to put your company logo on one of these shirts, or plan to match it with an embroidered blazer, you can’t go wrong with ordering a variety of these for your workplace.blazers

To dress one of these oxfords up, you could pair it with a fitted skirt, (at a reasonable length, of course) and finish the look off with a blazer! Make sure to make the outfit YOU – incorporate some of your favorite colors or patterns.

For a more casual look, try layering the Oxford with a sweater over top or a shrug. It’s a put together look that is a little more casual than a skirt and blazer or dress pants. You’ll be confident and ready to conquer the day in one of these stylish, yet work appropriate outfits!sweaters


I made a list of the Fashion “No-No’s” that should be avoided by all professional businessmen and women. Don’t have your attire be your pitfall of your professional career.

  • Spaghetti Straps – Ladies, though July days can get pretty warm, be conscious of how thick your straps are.
  • Short hemlines – Skirts shorter than two inches above the knee are never OK for work.
  • Ill-fitting clothes – Be aware of your body type! Dress to what best fits you. Every body type is different, and that’s completely fine. Just make sure your clothes flatter you! Avoid clothes that hug too tightly.
  • Strappy sandals/flip flops – Strappy sandals can sometimes give the wrong message out. Stick to a more basic shoe, like a flat, or a small heel. Strappy sandals are fun, but just aren’t always work appropriate.

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