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November 17, 2015
For Us, Giving Back Isn’t Seasonal
November 24, 2015

_GGS0321Hardly seems as if those two words would ever be seen within the same sentence but certainly you can have joy in your job– and in fact should have joy in your job.  Before figuring out if you are experiencing joy in the workplace, we should look at the difference between joy and happiness.

Happiness is only temporary and is based on happenings in your life or around you. It tends to be fleeting and is dependent on external factors like circumstances or other people (things that you cannot necessarily control). Joy, on the other hand, comes from within and can be experienced even during difficult times.  Joy is permanent and isn’t dependent on outside happenings but is based on true contentment.  Examples of workplace happiness and joy within the workplace_GGS0175might be:

Happiness: Enjoying an earned day of PTO. Finishing a long-term project.  Receiving an award for a job well done. Earning a merit raise. You will notice that these examples use the Present Participle verb (the –ing tense) which means it happened in the here and now or is happening here and now.  It’s now– not forever.

Joy: Selling an idea to a client rather than a product.  (The sale of a product can be a one-time event where selling an idea can lead to a long-time client relationship with multiple sales of different products.)  Working in a physical environment that is open, friendly and begs for employee interaction which creates brainstorming sessions leading to shared ideas, creation of a “better mousetrap”, collaboration among associates and the carving out of paths to innovation and subsequent profitability.    These events are long-term and come from within the brain and the heart.  Joy is the passive result of aggressive ideas implemented to push both the employee and employer forward, not just now, but forever into the future.   See the difference?

So what is offered by Summit (or could be offered by Summit) to allow Summiteers to be not just happy in the workplace, but filled with off-the-chart joy?! 

~Our new office space has been thoughtfully designed to increase human interaction which is a key ingredient for a joyful workplace.  An open environment allows for constant exchange of information and stimulation which allows for great ideas and solutions for Summit to grow abundantly.

~Experience freedom from the feeling that you’re being watched over.  When you feel safe to try new things or share new ideas without repercussion or being made to feel inferior, you begin to feel a commitment to quality, an overwhelming desire to experience meaningful work – a desire to do things “outside the box”  while feeling supported by your employer and peers.

_GGS0039In summary, Joy is a feeling of deep satisfaction gained from the work tasks you complete while acknowledging that you are part of something great.  You won’t always experience happiness in your workday and your assignments won’t always be easy; but Joy is the factor that keeps you coming in day after day and encourages you to be great.   In the words of our CEO, Denis Harper, “Your commitment to … the Summit Values and Principles deserves to be recognized… will help us acknowledge and support each other’s accomplishments, by sharing in the success of the entire Summit Group team.”

Bring your JOY to work and Be Great!

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