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March 20, 2015
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Committed to Quality

Concept of price, delivery, quality and reliability leading to cIn all that we do, we should be committed to doing it well and to the best of our ability.  This statement applies not only in our daily living at home but at the workplace as well and should be applied without regard to position in life.  Whatever you do, wherever you go, remember that when you live life with an attitude of commitment to quality, you will succeed well beyond your wildest of dreams!

The word “Quality” has long been included in advertising statements to conjure up images and ideas of the best of the best… you recall these slogans?

   Quality Quotes

So why is quality so important anyway?  Quality is essential in providing products or services that meet and/or exceed customer expectations.    Customers expect you to deliver quality products or services for the cost they are paying.  This expectation creates the basis for your company’s reputation.  Favorable opinions and criticism alike are shared in the public arena with criticism resulting in negative publicity and negatively impacting your financial statements.   Additionally, poor quality increases operating costs.  It’s easier to build quality into your workplace than not to and then have to work to overcome the negative impact resulting from the lack of quality!

Committed to Quality Seal FinalBut where does quality have its’ place in the business?  Quality standards should be in everything and everyone.  This means that when interviewing job applicants, ask how important quality is to the applicant, what does quality mean in the workplace, how can you quantify quality and qualify the cost of same?  Quality should be a measured standard within the workplace and when quality results are not attained, one should find out why and how to correct.  Quality and good business practices go hand in hand and should never be separated. Quality, positive work ethics, sound business principles, accountability, respect and excellence are all cornerstones of a very successful company.

Summit Group has established and holds these business cornerstones in high regard but they must be upheld and guarded by the entire Summit family.  It’s a heavy load to bear but the rewards are great and many.   We Summiteers are committed to Quality in all that we do! Individually, we wear many hats – but the one common hat we all wear is that of Quality Awareness.

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