Associate Highlight: Meet Caroline Wilson
September 15, 2015
Fashion Friday: Comfortable & Casual
October 2, 2015

photo0_versioned_1.0Summit recently completed the Colorful Choices nutritional campaign, and it opened my eyes to the choices we make in our corporation as a whole. For those unfamiliar with this campaign, it is designed to encourage individuals to embrace a diet rich with vegetables and fruits.  It’s proven that such a diet lowers your risk for obesity, heart disease, some cancers, diabetes and hypertension. With that being said, it’s very easy to veer off a path that is supposed to be filled with “right” choices. Health distractions, such as business lunch meetings or cake for a special occasion in the office, are inevitable and sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

Case in point, we are indeed a colorful group of associates. We all make choices on how we go about our daily activities and how we make the best _GGS0321decisions for ourselves, our teams, and our clients. Some of the choices made could be deemed “colorful”, yet, please note, the intention is honorable. That being said, there are plenty of times within the workplace when we may bump heads with one another. While that being completely understandable; it takes the best of us to go about it in the most professional way possible.  This also ties into when we deal with clients on our day to day basis. Some may see the “colorful” intent through an array of fiery red emails and calm yellow responses. Yet, it is the greenness of the final solution and the intended end result that provides our clients with a masterpiece of “colorful” unity.

_GGS0266In a study conducted at Pennsylvania State University, researcher Gretchen Macht says, “it shows that understanding the communication styles of team members can help us account for differences in personality and the impact those differences have on team performance,”  This being said, everything plays a key role in the bigger picture here at Summit. Our actions, our words, our strategic plans all make a difference in the overall goal. Summit doesn’t evolve and grow from just ONE persons’ doing. It circulates because we all collaborate and even the slightest effort helps.   It’s inevitable that setbacks occur, but being the strong team that we are, we always make a comeback. Participating in the Colorful Choices nutritional campaign was definitely a test of one’s management and self-control. To eat a bag of chips or opting for carrots is like making decisions in the office. You can go one way or the other, but either way that decision affects the big picture.

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