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April 1, 2012
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April 4, 2012



The GEICO PEZ DIspenser

Ever notice that no matter how much cool new stuff becomes available, there are certain toys and games that have been around forever and live on? If you are too young to remember the slinky in its early days, I’m sure you know what it is now! Think about the hula-hoop, the Frisbee, Silly Putty, Scrabble – there’s a reason these are household names – we know them and love them. They are, in a word, classics.

But even the classics change over time… you can play Scrabble with a partner on the other side of the globe thanks to technology. Frisbees now flash or make noise while they fly. And, how about this favorite – the PEZ dispenser… a collectible that comes with the face of thousands of cartoon characters we know and love. I bet you have one in your home or office right now.

What if you were to take that classic and mix it up with our passion for innovation? Have you seen the Geico PEZ dispenser that we did? It’s one of my favorite examples of how classics stay in style.


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