Building a Culture of Wellness
July 16, 2014
Chicago ASI- Best of Wellness Selections
July 23, 2014

#BenFlyin OnboardSummit Group is proud to support United Airlines efforts to bring smiles to children in times of need through the annual Adventure Bear program.

The Adventure Bear this year, Ben Flyin, is prepared to make trips around the globe bringing happiness and warm fuzzies with him. Proceeds from the program benefit organizations that help children through health struggles and economic hardship. This year’s program will benefit Happy Hearts Fund, a non-profit foundation dedicated to rebuilding schools after natural disasters.

At Summit we play a part in helping to distribute #benflyin through the United Shop site. You can access more info about the Adventure Bear program at If you are interested in supporting this worthy cause, you can opt for Give a Bear, Get a Bear to have Ben all to yourself ($40) or simply donate a bear to a child in need ($20).

Donate now — Click Here.

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