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January 28, 2014
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January 31, 2014

Be Great…Live Our Values…Practice our Principles!

As Summiteers, we are reminded to “Be great…Live Our Values…Practice Our Principles.” But why? The first reason that comes to mind is to eliminate any regrets from your daily living and to arm yourself with courage to be a better person, leave your mark in this world, be true to yourself and to be happier in the process. These values and principles are not just for the workplace but should be applied and exercised daily in your personal life too. Life is filled with opportunity – sometimes good, sometimes bad. Living your values and practicing your  principles enables you to discern which opportunities are best for you therefore preparing you to seek success, education, fame or fortune. The paths become endless and your life then has no room for regrets!

In the workplace, living these values and practicing these principles provides a sound basis for success. Peers will trust you, seek your advice, enjoy working with you because you are inspiring and optimistic and have integrity in all that you do. Integrity is a by-product of our company values (Accountability, Respect, Excellence).

Integrity, nurtured by practicing the Summit Principles, breeds success – both personally and corporately.

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